Echoes of Chet ( one minute) 2019

Mariano Di Nunzio Gianni Zei Amedeo Ronga.

"Echoes of Chet " trailer video

Mariano Di Nunzio Gianni Zei Amedeo Ronga.

"Six Strings and Jazz Musette".

Live music at "jazz Bistro' caffe'" 13 /12 /2018 Gianni Zei ( Guitar) Roberto Beneventi ( Accordion )

Home Recording.

Gianni Zei" Wedding band" :"Viaggio" (Galliano) 2017

Gianni Zei:Guitar Ruben Chaviano:VIolin Roberto Beneventi: Accordion.

Basic Jazz Guitar:"Modes and Chords"

Video corso " incipit".

Video corso "incipit" di Chitarra Jazz

Basic Walking bass.

You don't know what love is

2005 Firenze Teatro studio . Gianni Zei :Guitar Frank Santarnecchi :Keyboards Piero Borri :Drums

Ciaccona D min Bach GianniZei Guitar 2014

Ciaccona D Minore J.S:Bach. Gianni Zei Guitar

"Turnaround" (O.Coleman) Gianni Zei's Tribalgez

Live Teatro Studio Scandicci 2005 Florence Italy